July/August 2020

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JUNE 2020:

- Raphael Jospe: Fundamentalism: A Jewish Perspective. Article
- Alexandra Wright: Bach Passions and Jewish-Christian Relations. Article
- Ron Kronish: Morality in the Jewish State – Does it Still Matter? Article
- Frank-Walter Steinmeier: "Remembrance never ends". Article
- Walker Robins: Covenant Brothers: Evangelicals, Jews, and U.S.-Israeli Relations. Book review

MAY 2020:

- Reuven Firestone: Why Jews Don't Proselytize Article
- Zaina-Sophie Salibi: Pope Pius XII’s Refusal to Publicly Condemn the Holocaust. Article
- Jean Duhaime: 41st Christian Commemoration of the Shoah by the Christian Jewish Dialogue of Montreal. Report
- JCR: Religious leaders in Israel prayed together for salvation from the pandemic. Report
- Liliane Apotheker: ICCJ Consultation "Many Meanings of Mission".Report

APRIL 2020:

- Samuel L. Boyd: Religious communities in times of coronavirus. Article
- Ron Kronish: Shalom in the Era of the Coronavirus Crisis. Article
- Robyn J. Whitaker: Pray, but stay away: holding on to faith in the time of coronavirus. Article
- Sami El-Yousef: In time of Coronavirus - Reflections from the Holy Land. Article
- Lisa Palmieri Billig: About the Opening of Pius XII Archives. Article
- ICCJ: COVID-19 - Common Enemy of Humankind. Report
- Religions for Peace/ACT Alliance: Urgent Action Needed to Prevent COVID-19. A Joint Statement. Statements

Fundamentalism: A Jewish Perspective

Raphael Jospe | 01.06.2020

PRECIS: In this paper, by comparing a contemporary fundamentalist Jewish concept – Da`at Torah (“the Opinion of the Torah”) – with the Roman Catholic concept of papal infallibility and with the Evangelical Protestant concept of biblical inerrancy, I suggest that the Jewish concept has none of the built-in restrictions and limitations of the two Christian concepts. ... [more]

La cristología encarnacional: una propuesta personal

John T. Pawlikowski | 01.06.2020

En el camino iniciado por la declaración del Concilio Vaticano II Nostra ætate, el autor expone su punto de vista personal sobre una cristología encarnacional como fundamento de una teología del judaísmo que reconoce la permanencia de su relación de alianza con Dios, afirmando al mismo tiempo la dimensión salvífica universal propia del ministerio de Jesús. ... [more]


«Мы вместе молились в Освенциме». Каково быть арабом-христианином в Израиле

Александр Занемонец | 01.06.2020

Отец Эмиль Шуфани – греко-католический священник из Назарета. Родился в Галилее в 1947 г. Он араб и израильтянин, учился в Париже в 60-е годы. Эмиль Шуфани уже несколько десятилетий возглавляет большую христианскую школу Святого Иосифа для мальчиков и девочек в Назарете. Мы встретились с отцом Эмилем в его школе в Назарете в конце зимы этого года. … [more]

"Es gibt kein Ende des Erinnerns".

Frank-Walter Steinmeier | 01.06.2020

Ansprache des Bundespräsidenten zum 75. Jahrestag des Endes des Zweiten Weltkrieges, Berlin, 8. Mai 2020:[more]

Morality in the Jewish State–Does it Still Matter?

Ron Kronish | 01.06.2020

The return of the Jewish People to its ancestral homeland after 2,000 years has been nothing short of a miracle. Our people retained a dream of returning to the Land of Israel, and succeeded in fulfilling the dream in the 19th and 20th centuries which led to the establishment of the state in 1948. … [more]


Abraham Geigers Jesusbild

Holger Banse* | 01.06.2020

Inzwischen blicke ich als Gemeindepfarrer auf über 40 Jahre theologischer Arbeit zurück. Was hat sich in diesen 4 Jahrzehnten verändert in Theologie und Kirche? … [more]

Religious communities in times of coronavirus

Samuel L. Boyd* | 01.04.2020

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing entire countries to rethink deeply-held social norms. Faith leaders are coming up with new ways to reach their communities, with many turning to online platforms to perform rituals. … [more]

Pray, but stay away: holding on to faith in the time of coronavirus

Robyn J. Whitaker* | 01.04.2020

Plagues of global proportions might seem biblical, but coronavirus is creating new challenges for faith leaders. Last week in Australia, many churches, mosques and synagogues decided proactively to cancel their normal worship services. These were not easy decisions for groups for whom being a gathered community is central to their identity and practice. … [more]


Les Passions de Bach et les relations judéo-chrétiennes

Alexandra Wright | 01.06.2020

Les Passions de Bach peuvent-elles contribuer aux relations judéo-chrétiennes, non seulement sur la base de la magnificence de la musique de Bach, mais en tenant compte des mots et du contexte, du milieu culturel et religieux dans lequel ces œuvres ont été écrites, ainsi que de leurs théologies, exprimées dans les différentes couches de texte du livret, tirées de différentes périodes historiques? … [more]

Bach Passions and Jewish-Christian Relations

Can the Bach Passions do anything for Jewish–Christian relations, not just on the basis of the magnificence of Bach’s music, but taking into account the words and context, the cultural and religious milieu in which these works were written, as well as their theologies, expressed in the several layers of texts in the libretto, drawn from different historical periods. ... [more]