July/August 2020

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JUNE 2020:

- Raphael Jospe: Fundamentalism: A Jewish Perspective. Article
- Alexandra Wright: Bach Passions and Jewish-Christian Relations. Article
- Ron Kronish: Morality in the Jewish State – Does it Still Matter? Article
- Frank-Walter Steinmeier: "Remembrance never ends". Article
- Walker Robins: Covenant Brothers: Evangelicals, Jews, and U.S.-Israeli Relations. Book review

MAY 2020:

- Reuven Firestone: Why Jews Don't Proselytize Article
- Zaina-Sophie Salibi: Pope Pius XII’s Refusal to Publicly Condemn the Holocaust. Article
- Jean Duhaime: 41st Christian Commemoration of the Shoah by the Christian Jewish Dialogue of Montreal. Report
- JCR: Religious leaders in Israel prayed together for salvation from the pandemic. Report
- Liliane Apotheker: ICCJ Consultation "Many Meanings of Mission".Report

APRIL 2020:

- Samuel L. Boyd: Religious communities in times of coronavirus. Article
- Ron Kronish: Shalom in the Era of the Coronavirus Crisis. Article
- Robyn J. Whitaker: Pray, but stay away: holding on to faith in the time of coronavirus. Article
- Sami El-Yousef: In time of Coronavirus - Reflections from the Holy Land. Article
- Lisa Palmieri Billig: About the Opening of Pius XII Archives. Article
- ICCJ: COVID-19 - Common Enemy of Humankind. Report
- Religions for Peace/ACT Alliance: Urgent Action Needed to Prevent COVID-19. A Joint Statement. Statements

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