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Amicizia Ebraico-Christiana di Torino


Amitié judéo-chrétienne de France

1948 (Février-Août): Fondation de l’Amitié Judéo-Chrétienne de France (AJCF) par Jules Isaac et Edmond Fleg. L’AJCF s’affilie à l’International Council of Christians and Jews.

Australian Council of Christians and Jews

Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, West Australia, South Australia

Bat Kol Institute, Jerusalem

Founded on 8 April 1983 by Sr. Maureena Fritz and Sr. Anne Anderson in Toronto, Canada, Bat Kol Institute became a registered non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, Israel in 1992. Today, the institute is an international association of Christian women and men who are committed to study the Word of God within its Jewish context and to incorporate these studies into their Christian self-understanding in a manner that respects the integrity of both traditions.

Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Alberta

The Canadian Council of Christians and Jews is an organization of individuals that since 1947 has been dedicated to religious, cultural and racial harmony amongst the people of Canada. As an intergroup organization it serves to represent the interests of all groups rather than any one segment of our society. The Alberta region derives its name and purpose from the national Canadian Council of Christians and Jews (CCCJ) which is now the Canadian Center for Diversity.

Catholic-Jewish Studies Program, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Center for Theology and Ministry

The Bernardin Center for Theology and Ministry was established in 1997 with the blessing of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin to foster understanding in areas such as reconciliation, peacemaking, leadership development for the Church, interreligious dialogue, the consistent ethic of life, and Catholic Common Ground.

Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies, Saint Leo University

The Center for Catholic -Jewish Studies was established at Saint Leo University in 1998 through a formal Memorandum of Agreement between the University and the American Jewish Committee. This dynamic partnership between Jews and Catholics is guided by its mission, “building mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation among Jews, Catholics, and all people of good will by providing opportunities for interfaith education and dialogue.”

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning, Boston College

The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College is dedicated to the growth of new and mutually enriching relationships between Christians and Jews. The Center applies the scholarly resources of a Catholic university to the task of encouraging mutual knowledge between Christians and Jews at every level.

Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding, Sacred Heart University

The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding of Sacred Heart University (CCJU), Fairfield, Connecticut, draws together religious leaders, laity, scholars, theologians and educators to cultivate mutual respect and develop programs and publications to overcome deep-seated antagonisms that recent progress has not yet healed.

Center for Jewish-Christian Studies and Relations, General Theological Seminary

The Center for Jewish-Christian Studies and Relations (CJCSR) was established in 1986 by the Rev. Dr. James Carpenter, now Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology. Its mission is to increase understanding between Christians and Jews through substantive dialogue about the similarities and differences that mark the two communities. The primary work of the Center is to provide seminarians and rabbinical students with opportunities for conversation, intellectual exploration, friendship and shared worship.