When Did Christianity Originate?

Wengst, Klaus | 30.11.2003

When did Christianity begin? Prof. Wengst pursues this question and finds the answer at the point where Christianity begins to see itself as independent and in delimitation and contradiction to Judaism. … [more]

Jews and Christians: Talking Together

Faith and Values Media | 14.03.2003

A video with accompanying printed guide designed for six discussion sessions. … [more]

List of Articles

Brockway, Allan R. | 12.02.2003

Useful list of articles … [more]

The Second Temple at the Time of Jesus

Cohney, Shelley | 12.02.2003

A short description of the Second Temple that was destroyed in 70 CE. … [more]

The God of My Parents - the God of My Children

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

A chapter from Rabbi Dow Marmur's book: On Being a Jew: A Reform Perspective. Toronto, ON: Holy Blossom Temple, 1994. Judaism: A Source of Wisdom, a Sense of History, an Ability to feel Pain, Community, God, Testimony, Hope. … [more]

Judaism After the Holocaust

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

An argument against Fackenheim's commandment of (mere) survival. Judaism defined in a triangle of Faith, People and Land. … [more]

Israel and the Diaspora

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

"The nature of the land of Israel and its possession by the people of Israel is a fundamental preoccupation of the Torah. Therefore, it is also central to our understanding of our relationship to the State of Israel." … [more]

New Directions for Zionism

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

Hope, power and justice form the second triangle which together with the first (see article "Judaism after the Holocaust") - faith, people and land - form the Magen David (Shield of David). … [more]

Risks in Interfaith Dialogue

Magonet, Jonathan | 12.02.2003

Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Magonet considers the sensitivities and sacrifices necessary for real understanding and progress between faith communities. … [more]

Prayers for Peace in the Middle East

U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East | 31.01.2003

A selection of prayers for peace in the Middle East by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders, plus selections on the imperative for peace from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic sacred texts. … [more]