Theological Statement: Jews and Christians in Search of a Common Religious Basis for Contributing Towards a Better World

International Council of Christians and Jews | 28.02.1993

March 1, 1993 … [more]

Joint Statement on Moral Education

The Synagogue Council of America and The National Conference of | 18.06.1990

The co-chairs of the consultation are Cardinal William Keeler of Baltimore and Rabbi Mordecai Waxman, President of the National Council of Synagogues (NCS). The two leaders began the Consultation in 1987 as a follow-up to the meeting in Miami between Pope John Paul II and leaders of American Jewry. … [more]

Joint Jewish and Christian-Orthodox Statement

Jewish and Orthodox-Christian Leaders | 30.10.1979

By participants of a dialogue October 29-31, 1979, in Bucharest, Romania. A follow-up of the dialogue held in March of 1977 in Lucerne, Switzerland. … [more]

An Address to the Churches. Seelisberg (Switzerland) 1947.

International Council of Christians and Jews | 30.12.1947

This statement, produced by the Christian participants at the Second Conference of the newly formed International Council of Christians and Jews, was one of the first statements following World War II in which Christians, with the advice and counsel of Jews, began to come to terms with the implications of the Shoa. … [more]