Everyday anti-Semitism

Andreas R. Batlogg SJ | 31.10.2013

Ambiguous jokes about Jews, anti-Semitic stereotypes, racial clichés and mockery - all that still belongs to everyday life in Germany - often in unenlightened as well as bizarre mixtures. Is it really impossible to learn from history? … [more]

Observations on the Christian-Jewish dialogue

Günther B. Ginzel* | 30.04.2013

The 27th January, known as the Holocaust Memorial Day: For me this is a time of emotional stress – just like Yom Hashoa, the Jewish day of mourning in memory of the Shoah, the Holocaust. The past has not passed – as much as one may yearn for it to pass. It has not passed for me either, who was born only after the liberation of 1945. … [more]

The challenges of Multiculturalism and Social Responsibility

Clive Lawton * | 31.03.2013

I start as is usual with me with a few digressions! … [more]

The Dabru Emet’s Sister

Mary Ann Kaiser | 31.01.2013

Having grown up in a fundamentalist religious background, I long thought that other religions were dangerous. I was taught that any involvement with another religion toes the line of idolatry. As a “faithful Christian,” I was fearful of affirming too much of another religion and disobeying “God.” Now, this makes me not only want to go back into the past and hug my little self out of sadness that I believed in such a closed-minded, punishing, and grumpy divine being but also to go back and shake myself for buying into and living such a mindset. … [more]

After Auschwitz a culture of listening

Manfred Deselaers | 31.01.2013

We are in Oswiecim, not in Auschwitz. Oswiecim is a Polish city but from 1939 to 1945 it was occupied and incorporated into the German Reich and called Auschwitz. In that city the concentration camp system and the mass murder was organised. Auschwitz therefore was in Germany, not in Poland. … [more]

Media missed the point with Palestinian’s Auschwitz visit

Natalia Simanovsky | 31.08.2012

Tel Aviv, Israel - In late July, Ziad al-Bandak, an advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, made an official visit to the Auschwitz Holocaust memorial to pay respect to the million-and-a-half victims of the camp, most of whom were Jewish. … [more]

Judaism: Freedom of Religion and Tolerance in Europe

Rabbi Professor Walter Homolka | 01.07.2012

Keynote speech held at the Biennial Conference der European Union for Progressive Judaism, 15-18 March 2012, in Amsterdam.[more]

Letters to David

Friedrich Goelz | 01.12.2011

In 2003 the theologian and pastor Friedrich Gölz begins to write letters to his grandson David. The letters tell of a long journey, the journey of a Christian to the roots of his faith: Judaism. … [more]

Why Palestinians Should Learn About the Holocaust

Mohammed Dajani Daoudi and Robert Satloff * | 31.05.2011

Should Palestinian and other Arab schools teach their students about the Holocaust? … [more]

Jewish-Christian Dialogue Today

Yehudah Mirsky | 28.02.2011

How do today's Jews and Christians encounter one another? The most obvious way is in the countless interactions of Jewish and Christian colleagues and acquaintances in a host of daily settings, including exchanges on their respective religious attitudes and experiences. More specifically, there are the ties of many evangelical and other Christian groups with the state of Israel. Then there are the formal and by-now common meetings between clergy of the two religious traditions, as well as higher-level institutional ties that resemble a kind of ongoing ecclesiastical diplomacy. There are also collaborations and/or friendly debates among communal representatives on issues of shared concern. … [more]