Living in the Holy Land: Respecting Differences - Exposing Palestinian and Israeli Students to Each Other's Religions

Schoneveld, Jacobus | 02.12.1999

An Israeli and a Palestinian educational agency – the Israeli "Center for Educational Technology" in Tel Aviv and the Palestinian "NOOR Information and Research Center" in Ramallah — have launched a joint innovative educational program designed to promote understanding between Israelis and Palestinians by making high school students acquainted with each other"s religions . … [more]

Statement on Religious Symbols at Birkenau


The recent decision to move religious symbols from the Birkenau death camp in Poland to appropriate religious institutions represents an important and promising breakthrough in Polish-Jewish relations. … [more]

Jewish 'convent children' thanking their Christian saviors

Pyrich, Elzbieta | 20.09.1997

An Israeli kibbutz convention has reunited Jewish children saved from the Holocaust with the nuns who protected them. … [more]

Jewish Community Welcomes United Church Report


The Jewish community is welcoming a ground-breaking report by the United Church of Canada on improving its relationship with Judaism. … [more]

Jewish Relations Document Approved

Asling, John | 19.08.1997

A report on United Church-Jewish relations that emphasizes the Jewishness of Jesus and respect for the continued development of the Jewish tradition has been authorized as a study document by the church. … [more]

Orthodox Kibbutz-Hotel Lavi


Kibbutz-Hotel Lavi is the only Orthodox hotel in Israel with a tradition of pilgrimage hospitality. … [more]

Report: From Recognition to Reconciliation: Looking Back and Looking Forward at the Millennium

Pieper, Friedhelm

Report: The 16th National Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations … [more]