Fundamentalism: A Jewish Perspective

Raphael Jospe | 01.06.2020

PRECIS: In this paper, by comparing a contemporary fundamentalist Jewish concept – Da`at Torah (“the Opinion of the Torah”) – with the Roman Catholic concept of papal infallibility and with the Evangelical Protestant concept of biblical inerrancy, I suggest that the Jewish concept has none of the built-in restrictions and limitations of the two Christian concepts. … [more]

Bach Passions and Jewish-Christian Relations

Alexandra Wright | 01.06.2020

Can the Bach Passions do anything for Jewish–Christian relations, not just on the basis of the magnificence of Bach’s music, but taking into account the words and context, the cultural and religious milieu in which these works were written, as well as their theologies, expressed in the several layers of texts in the libretto, drawn from different historical periods. … [more]

Why Jews Don't Proselytize

Reuven Firestone | 01.05.2020

The ancestors of the biblical Israelites, like all the other communities of the ancient Near East, were idol worshippers. We know quite a bit about their religion from the great number of archaeological finds, including writings, that have been unearthed in what are today’s Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq. It appears that all the peoples of the ancient Near East practiced essentially the same religion. … [more]

Pope Pius XII’s Refusal to Publicly Condemn the Holocaust

Zaina-Sophie Salibi | 01.05.2020

In 2007, the beatification process of Pope Pius XII was met with protests by Jewish and Catholic leaders alike. The point of contention was the controversy over the Pope’s public silence on the Holocaust both during and after the Second World War. … [more]

To speak or not to speak: that was the Question

Lisa Palmieri Billig* | 01.04.2020

The forthcoming opening of the Vatican Archives on March 2 is an event of worldwide significance to historians and scholars, especially those interested in clearing the mystery of Pius XII's proverbial "silence" regarding the ongoing annihilation of Jews during the War years of his papacy (1939 - 1958). … [more]

The New Anti-Zionism and the Old Anti-Semitism: Transformations

Raphael Jospe* | 01.03.2020


Anti-Eschatology: Maimonides on the Messianic Era and the World to Come

Raphael Jospe* | 02.01.2020


New Clothing, Old Hatred: Changes and Transformations of Antisemitism

Alan Berger | 01.12.2019

Lecture given at the 2019 ICCJ International Conference, Lund, Sweden.[more]

From Apologetics to Self-confidence. A New Form of Interreligious Dialogue.

Rabbi Ute Steyer* | 01.10.2019

Lecture given at the ICCJ conference 2019 in Lund/Sweden, June 30.[more]

Jewish Views of Christianity: Some Reflections

Raphael Jospe* | 01.09.2019

Much has been written in recent years on Jewish-Christian relations, including developments in Jewish attitudes towards Christianity. … [more]