FAITHS IN TUNE presents the 5th London Interfaith Music

JCR | 30.04.2016

After four beautiful festivals at SOAS, University of London, Faiths In Tune's famous and beloved London Interfaith Music Festival is moving to the British Museum in spring 2016! … [more]

Colourful Finale of the Martin-Buber-Jubilee in Heppenheim

Birgit Meurer | 30.04.2016

The centennial of the Buber-familiy´s move to Heppenheim in March 1916 marked the end of the Martin-Buber-Jubilee. An Open House at Martin-Buber-House on Saturday, March 12th, and the opening of an art exhibition dedicated to the works of Barbara Goldschmidt nee Buber celebrated the close of the Buber-festivities starting in June 2015 with the 50th anniversary of Martin Buber´s death. … [more]

2016 ICCJ Annual Conference in Philadelphia

Anette Adelmann | 31.03.2016

This year's ICCJ conference "The Dynamics of Religious Pluralism in a Changing World" will take place in Philadelphia from July 10-13. The online registration is open - register now and join us in Philadelphia soon! … [more]

Dead Sea Scrolls move into the digital generation

JCR | 31.03.2016

Computer scientists and Dead Sea Scrolls scholars are building a digital work environment for the scrolls, enabling the virtual joining of the "puzzle pieces" of thousands of ancient scrolls fragments found in Judean Desert caves. … [more]

2015 School of Dialogue Gala in Poland

JCR | 31.03.2016

Nearly 1 300 students and teachers from all over Poland, Forum educators, representatives of state authorities and the diplomatic corps, local governments as well as scientific and cultural leaders - gathered at the 2015 School of Dialogue Gala, held in Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera in Warsaw, Poland, on March 8. Forum for Dialogue organized the annual Gala to celebrate the achievements of students who took part in the School of Dialogue program, discovering the Jewish history of their towns. … [more]

Building an Interfaith Community- Summer Course 2016

JCR | 29.02.2016

Theme: "People and Faith on the Move: Migration in Judaism, Christianity and Islam and its residental component"; from 25 July - 12 August 2016. … [more]

First ever Teaching Judaism conference held in London

Board of Deputies of British Jews | 29.02.2016

February 23, 2016 - More than 90 religious education teachers from all over the UK this week attended the first ever Teaching Judaism conference aimed at educators teaching the new Judaism GCSE syllabus. … [more]

ICCJ Mourns Death of its Honorary President Victor Goldbloom

Deborah Weissman | 29.02.2016

17.02.2016 - It is with deep sorrow that we announce the sudden passing of Dr. Victor Goldbloom, of Montreal, Canada, a former President of the ICCJ and one of our Honorary Presidents. … [more]

Francis visits the Great Synagogue of Rome

Vatican Information Service | 31.01.2016

Vatican City, 17 January 2016 (VIS) – Yesterday, following in the footsteps of St. John Paul II and Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope Francis visited the Great Synagogue of Rome to greet the Jewish community of the capital, the longest-established in the world. … [more]

Groundbreaking Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity

JCR | 31.12.2015

December 7, 2015. For the first time since the Second Vatican Council changed Christian teachings toward Judaism and the Jewish people 50 years ago, a group of Orthodox rabbis have issued a public statement advocating partnership with Christians and appreciating the religious value of Christianity. … [more]