“Dialogue Prize of Swiss Jews” awarded to the rabbi Noam Hertig und imam Muris Begovic

Conference of European Rabbis | 30.06.2018

(May 29, 2018) Today, the first «Dialogue Prize of Swiss Jews» was bestowed in a great ceremonial act in Berne. … [more]

EU leader tells Europe’s Jews: “I will always be there for you”

Conference of European Rabbis | 30.06.2018

(May 23, 2018) First VP of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, stands by continents community while being awarded the Lord Jakobovits Prize for European Jewry. … [more]

Between Jerusalem and Rome - כלל ופרט בין ירושלים לרומי

The Conference of European Rabbis[*] and The Rabbinical Council of America[**] | 31.01.2017

The Shared Universal and the Respected Particular. Reflections on 50 Years of Nostra Aetate. … [more]

Manifesto for Combating Religious Extremism

Conference of European Rabbis | 28.02.2015

The threat posed by religious extremists is global, immediate, violent and deeply rooted in issues of identity, theology and faith. Countless governments, think tanks and NGOs spend millions of dollars every year, debating and redeveloping strategies to deal with religious extremism but the Conference of European Rabbis believes that it is religious communities themselves who should carry the burden of responsibility to offer tangible solutions to this intractable global problem. … [more]