Combatting Our Teachings of Contempt

ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum | 31.08.2013

In June 2013 the International Abrahamic Forum (IAF) held its first public conference on "Combatting our Teachings of Contempt: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Introspection and Projection" in Aix-en-Provence. The statement below was produced during the conference by the International Abrahamic Forum steering committee with valuable input from conference participants. … [more]


ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum | 31.10.2011

At its meeting held January 2011 in the Martin Buber House in Heppenheim, Germany, the Executive Board of the International Council of Christians and Jews, implementing the decision taken by the 2010 ICCJ Annual General Meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey, decided to renew its commitment to the Jewish-Christina-Muslim dialogue. During a trilateral consultation, held in Berlin, December 2010, the following proposition was drafted, with which the ICCJ Executive Board unanimously agreed. … [more]